3ndyStudio was founded in 2002 by Mark Bunch and Alexander Lazzari. Since 2007 uses, in addition to the collaboration of the Architect Massimiliano Martignon, also other professionals: architects, designers, graphic designers and urban planners. The firm is linked to a multi-disciplinary design approach can imagine each project as a work of art to live, with particular attention to the issues of energy and environmental sustainability. Since 2011, the studio also works abroad – Qatar and Dubai – on projects of large structures (commercial / directional and hotel) but did not give up a fundamental use of resources in the field of research and experimentation. The members of 3ndystudio participate as members of the jury of competitions and taking part in industry conferences to make their own contribution in an active part of the contemporary architectural debate_WEBSITE:

ASSONOMETRIA was born from the idea of the architect Christian Tezza to combine different figures in each project, giving rise to a constructive comparison that always leads to an excellent result. Inthe design studio attitude there is an attention to improving the quality of life by pushing people to develop positive habits. Each intervention develops a personal approach: customer needs are placed at the center of the project and contribute fundamentally to the construction of an idea. High standards of comfort characterize buildings born following an awaited research_WEBSITE:
Bianchivenetoarchitetti is a studio founded by Roberto Bianchi and Paola Veneto who join after a period of professional activity carried out individually for public and private clients. Dealing with transformation projects, redevelopment, urban renewal and rehabilitation of artifacts affecting the small and the large-scale searching functional solutions, constructive and sustainable economic. The studio makes use of professionals with different levels of training and experience interacting with each other by offering specialist expertise in projects of architecture, urbanism and landscape. The design work, the subject of exhibitions and publications, is the result of an ongoing investigation of the shareholders who pour into practice the different experiences developed over time_WEBSITE:
CLAB architecture, founded in 2014 in Peschiera del Garda (VR), deals with design at different scales and combines research with professional activity through participation in competitions and collaborations with the Milan Polytechnic and the IUAV in Venice. Among the main awards, in 2014 the studio was a finalist in the “CASABELLA-Meno di 31” competition; in 2016 he was a finalist for the “Young Italian Architects” award and, the following year, the studio obtained the 2nd prize as studio of the year Under-36 New Italian Blood. In 2018 the studio is invited to the “Architecture Leibniz Universität” in Hanover as part of the “Jung & Schön” exhibition dedicated to young emerging studios. The “San Cristoforo Urban Center” project was selected in the “Yearbook-3” among the participants in the 2018 edition of the Italian Architect and Young Talent Award of Italian Architecture. In 2019 he received the second prize in the international competition for the redevelopment of Sveta Nedelya square in Sofia_WEBSITE:



INOUTarchitettura is a studio founded in 2012 by Mario Benedetto Assisi and Valentina Milani. Take on projects ranging from small scale the design up to the wider territorial dimension, covering a cross-playing field in which the components of urban design, landscape and architectural complement and complete. The work of INOUTarchitettura is based on the combination and mix of the demands inherent in the architecture and the landscape, the dichotomy that animates every progetto.Tra prizes and awards include: the candidacy for European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2015 , the selection of the five finalists studies 2014_Fondazione YAP MAXXI, Rome and the First Prize Europan 12_Kristinehamn (SE)_WEBSITE:



km 429 is a project of life and an architecture / interior design. With roots predate its formal founding in 2013 it consists of Simona Avigni and Alessio Bernardelli. The name expresses the local character and approach the fluid at different scales and in different contexts in which it operates. Since 2009, on an individual basis, but with awareness of the whole, he has got relevant private contracts currently in the process, but also important awards and prizes in international design competitions_WEBSITE:



Laprimastanza is a collective founded by Davide Agostini, Matteo Battistini and Francesco Ceccarelli which bases its work ranging from large to small scale. Their architecture is clear, pragmatic and innovative, it is shaped by the typical socio-economic aspects of contemporary design. They aim to regenerate the contexts without revolutionize the state of affairs, but imagining a new dimension, sustainable development where the close relationship between construction and nature become one of the main sources of emotion. They draw on a human scale spaces because they believe any environment should improve the quality of life of the people who spend their time in it_WEBSITE:



Andrea Morana and Luana Rao studied at the Faculty of Architecture of Siracusa, a city where in 2009 obtaining their degree and founded the studio MORANA + RAO ARCHITECTS. Undertake a design research process, which focuses on functional needs, clarity and spatial order. The shape and space, through the simplification process, reach sizes and clear proportions to be recognizable and express the character of the building without interference. If the detail is necessary for the understanding of all, the order is the necessary condition for the recognition of the value of the designed space. Achieve numerous awards including: honorable mention for the “National Award Selinunte” (2012), honorable mention in the National Prize “Young Talent Italian Architecture 2014”, the first prize in the national competition “Italian Pool Award 2014 “and honorable mention in the” Premio Gubbio 2015 “_WEBSITE:



OPPS architecture was founded in February 2015 and is composed by architects Philip Shepherds, Francesco Polci and Antonio Salvi. In 2016 opened a studio in Florence in Via Fossombroni 11. Constants of the work is the participation in architectural competitions, private projects and collaboration with the academic world with the intention of combining research and contingency_WEBSITE:



Pardini Hall architecture is a RIBA Chartered Practice, an architectural and design company based in London. Their belief is based on the idea that the environment has a direct influence on the way of life of the people why everything becomes an integral part of a project, from the structure to the connections with the site, such as to influence the way people inhabit a building. The protection of places, seen as exploitation of resources and civic responsibility are the values that daily put the basis of their work_WEBSITE:



Riccardo Renzi (1979), Architect, PhD, Assistant Professor Research of Architectural and Urban Design at University of Florence Architecture Department. In 2005 founded rrs-studio design group. Focused on the relationship between contemporary architecture and historical context, he works on the typology of the museum mainly investigating the relationship between Italian architecture and the global context. His projects have been awarded in over twenty international competitions, published and exhibited in national and international exhibitions.