New Metropolitan Conference Hall

[THEME] London is among the largest and most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, following the course of the Thames for about ten kilometers. It is made up of numerous neighborhoods, each with its own identity, and recognizes in its architecture – Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge – some of the best known symbols in the world. At the end of the Second World War a reconstruction was urgent which transformed the morphology of the British capital; the Shared and Swiss Tower are some of the skyscraper that dominate the skyline today. In this heterogeneous scenario we want to imagine an architecture capable of integrating the instances already present in the territory within which poles such as the British Museum or the Saint Giles Complex signed by the architect Renzo Piano manage to live in perfect balance. The New Conference Hall will find a place in Bloomsbury, in the Camden district, it will be a place of culture in which residents and tourists can go to take part in public gatherings. Debates and shows will be an opportunity to meet, they will create moments of aggregation in a building designed to be a further element in a scenario in continuous transformation.

Project area: Malet Street