Prague is a city with many myths and innumerable legends but it is also a place with a strong historical cultural ferment. The Jewish quarter represents the soul of the city, for many centuries it has been the place where the persecuted people took refuge. The Astronomical Clock in the Old Town and the Dancing House along the banks of the Vltava River are some of the most recognized symbols of the Czech capital which sees the Mala Strana district, a narrow alley that leads to the Castle and San Vito Cathedral, one of the oldest districts of the city. In a district of many stratifications where the first Jewish persecutions started during the XIV century, we want to imagine the new Ebraic Museum of Prague, a place of memory that becomes a contemporary symbol of rebirth. Exhibitions, events, debates, will make this pole for culture an element of renewal necessary for the entire old city where the holocaust represented a great moment of resistance. An architecture that trasformed the ghetto an area of ​​recognition and social integration.

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