Manhattan is one of the five districts that make up the city of New York, among the most populous cities in the world, and occupies the northern area of ​​the peninsula. The district is considered the economic heart of the United States, is place to Wall Street and the Stock Exchange. Time Square, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, one of the most iconic skyscraper in the area, are among the numerous skyscrapers that make up the urban skyline, just a few blocks from Central Park, a green expanse of more than three kilometers. Manhattan Sport Center is designed to fit into a scenario of this characterization to complete an urban area without a programmatic design. The building will be located next to the nearby Madison Avenue School and will become an aggregation center for students and local citizens that will flow into it during public events becoming a covered sports center available to the local population. An architecture capable of integrating itself into a constantly changing context through a new sense of community.


[Project area] Manhattan, New York City, USA, Madison Avenue