Copenhagen, Nyhavn

THEME: Copenhagen is a city that has a strong connection with its own waterfront. Founded in the twelfth century as a small fishing community, it has always meant the port area as the first defensive bulwark of warfare that has influenced the interior design. The historic palaces, on which the Kronborg Castle stands, feature ancient atmospheres that are perfectly suited to contemporary mold architecture. Cultural ferment translates socially into events inspired by the most innovative trends in fashion, design and architecture. We want to imagine the Copenaghen Conference Hall, near Tivoli Park and the railway station, a new symbol for an evolving context; a multidisciplinary pole that, through exhibitions and meetings, can foster the connections between cultures. An architecture that is able to enter fully into the progressive icons of the Danish capital.

PROJECT AREA: Copenaghen, Denmark, H.C. Andersen Boulevard

SURFACE: 3170 smq

area project2